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Business Valuations

Most business owners do not know the real value of their business.  The irony is that they are usually at one extreme or the other in estimating the value–either way to high, or way too low.  Ultimately the value is what a buyer will pay.  Century uses several different methods to value a business appropriately.  Our method and process assures the seller that the valuation is within a range that buyers will find acceptable while bringing the highest return to the sellers.  Because we work for the seller most of the time, we work closely with them to be sure that expectations from all parties are met.  Valuations are free for business owners who ask Century to sell their business for them.  But, it is not unusual for an occasional client to want nothing more than a valuation, which we are happy to provide for a reasonable fee.


Finding Qualified Buyers

When selling your business, you need to know that the potential buyer on the other side of the table is qualified.  That means that they have the financial backing either in cash or through loans to purchase your enterprise.  Someone has to check that out and be confident that it is true.  That’s what we do.  Also, not all buyers are serious.  Some are simply window-shopping or kicking tires.  When Century brings a buyer to a seller we have checked them out and have a confidence that they are qualified.  The last thing that we want to do is waste a seller’s time.  We fully review a buyers background, skill sets, history, financial strength and more, before we introduce them to a seller.


Due Diligence is a two way street. “Window shoppers” are common in business-brokering, and Century’s process for buyer qualification ensures that only interested buyers with the required funds will be shown your business. On the other hand, we carefully study the financial information for every one of our businesses. By only showing quality listings to qualified buyers, Century builds the trust of both parties, to ensure a smooth transaction.

Skilled Negotiation

Our contracts and agreements are proven to be solid and to benefit both parties. Furthermore, our brokers are highly skilled in negotiation. We are capable of representing either buyers or sellers, and our goal is not to make a quick sale, but to forge a deal between the two parties that leaves everyone satisfied.

Company & Industry Knowledge

Century Business Advisors leads the competition when it comes to expertise. Each of our advisors specializes in an industry, and we provide them the tools and training to consider all facets of the business transfer. Every business is different… using the same approach for all of them is a common pitfall. Our Listings aren’t just numbers and files, each one receives the attention that it deserves.

Targeted Marketing

Different listings are best served by different approaches to marketing. Century ensures that all of our listings receive proper advertising and marketing opportunities. Our private list of over 12,000 buyers receive monthly newsletters, as well as targeted E-mails with listings that match their criteria. We advertise in many, major papers, and have entered into strategic partnerships with the Internet’s most popular business-search sites. Many brokers will take your listing and put it on their own system, Century takes the next step.

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