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Whether you are in the market to buy a business or attempting to sell a successful enterprise, you need good information and answers to your most important questions.  That’s why we have created a place–a Learning Center–here on the website, where you can come for answers.  We know that whether you are a buyer or seller, sooner or later you will need help.  We want to be that help.  That’s why we want to give you, up-front, as much information as possible.  When you do make the call to us it will help you be much more prepared to begin the conversation. 

In the Learning Center there are three major resources:  a page of resources for sellers, a page for buyers and lastly a blog.  The blog is a page where we continue to post current and timely information on a regular basis.  Feel free to explore, study and download any and all information that you find here.

Resources For Selling A Business

sell-a-business8Selling a business can be a bit of a trying experience.  Everyone selling a business has many of the same questions.  The questions include things like:  “How do I value and price my business?” “How do I find a buyer for my business?” and “When is the best time to sell?”  There are lots of other questions.  So where do you go for answers?  That’s where we come in.  On this site we anticipate and answer all of your initial general questions.  We may not be comprehensive but we will give you all of our best thinking.  When you’ve read everything on our site and are ready to sell your business, give us a call!

Resources For Buying A Business

biz-for-saleBuying a business can be intimidating, especially for first time buyers.  There are so many unknowns and questions that first-time buyers need answers.  Further the answers need to be reliable and credible.  If you are looking to invest your time, money and very livelihood into a whole new deal, then you need clear direction!  Our goal here, is to give you as much free information as possible and to educate you quickly.  We want your transition into business ownership to be as smooth and pain-free as possible.  Review everything on this site.  Then call us when you are ready to buy a business.

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