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Don’t “Sell” Yourself Short

This is a scenario we see often.  When an owner has been in business a long time and in fact, was the person who started the business 30 or 40 years ago, they make the mistake of wrong perceptions.  What do we mean by that?  It means their perception of what their... read more

Are You NEW To Buying A Business?

Are you new to buying a business?  If so, here are five things to think about to help you get focused.  Your answers to each of the five questions will help you begin to identify the type, size and location of the right business for you. 1)  Location?  Where are you... read more

Build A Capable Team

How much do you do around your business every day?  And what is your main role?  If you are the main salesperson or the chief of operations or in some other critical role, that is a mistake.  It is time to build a capable team. How Capable Is Your Team? Buyers are... read more