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Why Partnerships Usually Fail

Do you want to know why business partnerships usually fail?  Let me say from the start that I am against partnerships.  I wanted to begin with saying they “always” fail, but I know there are a few out there that have succeeded.    Over the years, I have seen too many... read more

When Is The Best Time to Sell A Business?

We get asked this question often:  ‘when is the best time to sell a business?’  And though the answer is simple, it is a difficult thing for people to accept and run with.  Why is that?  Good old fashioned human emotions! Here’s the thing, even though businesses may... read more

Why 75% Of Businesses Never Sell

Most businesses never sell. 75%, that are placed on the market for sale, never make it to a closing.  Does this seem like a lot to you?  When I first became a broker, I wondered: why do businesses never sell?!  Now after sitting through numerous meetings with both... read more

Different Types Of Buyers For Your Business

Sellers will want to know that there are different types of buyers out there.  Most of them can be grouped into different categories.  Here, we list three of the most typical types and describe a few characteristics of each. The first is what I would call a strategic... read more

When Selling Be Prepared to Respond Quickly

Here is a common problem.  An owner tells a business broker: “I am ready to sell.”  Maybe they have been talking off and on for six months and the owner has made the decision—or so it sounds.  The broker moves forward and creates marketing materials, lets some buyers... read more