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How To Sell A Business!

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Considering selling your business? As baby-boomers age 60% of them are making plans to sell their business.  If you are one of those getting ready to sell your business, you will need good solid information and advice to take the right steps.  Steps that will maximize and leverage all of the value that you have invested.  It’s a process that Century Business Advisors knows well.  Explore this site, then call us to complete a valuation of your business!

How To Buy A Business!

Buying a business is a major investment decision.  A typical buyer spends upwards of 18 months searching, looking and evaluating. Then, they often give up.  It’s too overwhelming.  Faced with one crucial decision after another, 90% never complete the transaction.  The good news is that with experienced help the search time and decisions can occur more easily.  On this site we offer helpful tips for buyers on how to start their search off right.

How We Help You!

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Whether you are buying or selling a business, there are steps in the process that require accurate information and good decision making.  An average buyer is much more comfortable with an advisor at their side, who is knowledgeable and has “been there and done that.”  From the valuation process, to negotiating, to the closing, Century can assist. Explore the valuable information on our site and discover the ways Century can add to your success!

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